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    Career Development
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    New Shicoh pays special attention to the standardized management of posts, and establishes and keeps optimizing a post system that adapts to the company's long-term, healthy and sustainable development. To standardize and improve the internal post grade and professional sequence, we have designed four professional sequences, namely functional management, R&D technology, trade and marketing and production skills to provide clear and diversified career development channels and solid and powerful surpport for employees. We will continue to promote employees to openly engage in competition for key positions, keep enriching and optimizing the talent selection and appointment mechanism and improve the career development channels of employees to promote the rapid growth of outstanding talents and rational flow of talents within the company.

    New shicoh attaches great importance to the training of talents. Now it has set up three training centers, that is tranning centers for management talents, scientific and technological talents and skill-oriented talents. The three major training centers are the platform for the improvement of employees' ability, the cradle of the output of scientific and technological talents, the carrier of the improvement of employees' operational skills. In addition, we also actively promotes a variety of employee training models such as the "Eagle Project" and "Outstanding Youth Training Project".

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