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    Social responsibility
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    1. Human rights
    The company organizes activities regularly (eg: we select labor model, award them mobile phones, honorary certificate, flowers, etc. on May Day)
    The company strictly abides by the principle of not employing child labor.
    As a labor-intensive enterprise, we provide ample job opportunities and allow employees to choose suitable positions through internal recommendation or competition.

    2, Environment protection
    Being a high-tech enterprise, we work in level-1000 clean rooms and operate dust-freely, causing little pollution to the environment and no sewage.

    3. Combating corruption and promoting honesty, providing employment for the physically challenged
    The company wishes to put an end to corruption and set up an independent inspection department to supervise all staff.

    New Shicoh is willing to assume the social responsibilities in economic development, social security, cultural education, environmental protection, etc. as a corporate and citizens, and keep our long-term commitment to social civilization and sustainable development. Over the years, we have actively participated in various social constructions and encouraged our employees to return to the society with their passion.

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